If you’re looking for a summer-reading book that will both keep you up late at night turning pages and give you a shopping-list-long set of often-heartbreaking moral questions to ponder, then run don’t walk to get Liza Mundy’s recent book, Everything Conceivable: How Assisted Reproduction is Changing Men, Women and the World.
While reporters have covered […]

When the Dallas Morning News’ award-winning religion section, one of the country’s only stand-alone faith sections, folded back into the rest of the paper in January, 2007, due to insufficient ad revenue, observers in the field worried about the decline of religion journalism. Wrote Martin Marty: “We have reason to shed a tear” because, in […]

If you missed it when it came out ten years ago, Robert Duvall, in the movie he wrote and directed, The Apostle, plays a Holy Ghost-filled preacher who works to redeem himself before his dark side catches up with him. (The Apostle is also ReligionWriter’s top recommendation for those interested in religion-themed films.)
In addition to […]

Given that some American Protestants are finding dietary inspiration from Jesus, it seems only fitting that American Muslims might look to the Prophet Muhammed for inspiration to lose weight, eat healthy and fight the obesity epidemic. After all, evidence of Jesus’ diet in the Gospels is thin, and the Last Supper’s bread and wine is […]

Matthew Lickona, the 30-something Catholic traditionalist and author, wrote in his 2006 book, Swimming with Scapulars, that looking at the stars and imagining the vast sweep of dark universe beyond sometimes depressed him. Did God’s law, so tailored for human existence, really apply out there?
Reading Cormac McCarthy’s latest novel, The Road, gives the believing reader […]

Back with you on July 16th.
(Left: The elegant Eritrean capital, Asmara. photo by andrea useem)
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