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The “Crisis” of Covering Islam in America: Q+A with Terry Mattingly

If there’s one religion blog that sets the standard when it comes to high quality coverage of religion-in-the-media, it’s, a multi-contributor blog founded by veteran religion reporter Terry Mattingly (or, as he’s known online, tmatt.) The blog has a very specific angle: taking a critical look at how religion is, or isn’t, covered in […]

28Jan2008 | Andrea Useem | 5 comments | Continued

The Power of Someone Else’s Forgiveness: Nickel Mines and 9/11

As the country marks the first anniversary tomorrow of the Amish school shootings in Nickel Mines, Pa. — where a 32-year-old milk truck driver shot ten Amish schoolgirls, killing five and critically wounding the others — the word “forgiveness” may be the defining theme.
As scholar Donald Kraybill notes in his new book, Amish Grace, […]

1Oct2007 | Andrea Useem | 3 comments | Continued
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