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Neuroscience is Not Just for Buddhists: Reflections on the Physiology of Belief

Mega-pundit David Brooks has been talking a lot about neuroscience and religion lately. His column, “The Neural Buddhists,” was on the New York Times‘ “Most Emailed” list, and at this month’s Faith Angle conference in Key West — where the Pew Forum on Religion & Public LIfe invites the nation’s elite journalists to talk religion [...]

29May2008 | Andrea Useem | 3 comments | Continued

What Makes a Good Fanatic? The Big Guns Get Philosophical

As a freelancer, I have a lot of jobs, but one of the most enjoyable is editing transcripts for the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. The task involves many solitary hours spent combing through the words of distinguished experts of religion. It’s an immersive experience, and I pay far more attention to the [...]

12Mar2008 | Andrea Useem | 1 comment | Continued