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Author Profile: Eboo Patel on Making Pluralism Sexy

By Andrea Useem, Religion BookLine- Publishers Weekly, 5/30/2007 (reprinted here with permission.)
When most Americans look at Osama bin-Laden, they see a terrorist. Eboo Patel sees that and something more: To him, bin-Laden is a highly effective youth organizer.
“Al Qaeda has a phalanx of people who are focused on shaping the identities of young Muslims toward […]

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Book: Young Muslim Scholar Sees Violent Extremists as Effective Youth Organizers

Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation (Beacon Press: July, 2007), is the memoir of Eboo Patel, a former
Rhodes scholar with a Ph.D. in religion from Oxford, is founder and director the Interfaith Youth Corps, a Chicago-based group aimed at creating a movement of religious […]

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