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Is Circumcision a Christian Practice?

Male circumcision rates in the
U.S. have dropped steeply over the last few decades, as an Associated Press article by Rachel Konrad highlighted this week:

According to data from the National Health and Social Life Survey, the
U.S. circumcision rate peaked at nearly 90 percent in the early 1960s but began dropping in the ’70s. By […]

19Jun2007 | Andrea Useem | 7 comments | Continued

Scholar on VTech Tragedy: Theodicy Has Many Faces

Reporting on a tragedy follows a set trajectory, and many reporters today are writing “what sense can we make of it?” stories, often using faith leaders as sources. Over the coming week, the otherwise arcane theological term “theodicy” will crop up in news stories across the country.
To take a deeper look at theodicy, ReligionWriter spoke […]

17Apr2007 | Andrea Useem | 0 comments | Continued
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