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In Describing Mormonism, Who Is More Accurate: Believers or Reporters?

A heated digital discussion following last week’s review of Dick and Joan Ostling’s Mormon America on this site brought up a set of pointed questions about religion and journalism.
Commenter Amanda P. wrote: “If you are interested in Mormonism, visit and get your answers straight from the Church itself. This book is NOT an ‘objective’ [...]

20Nov2007 | Andrea Useem | 52 comments | Continued

Are You Interested in Mormonism?

Even if you aren’t (interested in Mormonism), ReligionWriter still wants you to read Dick and Joan Ostling’s newly updated Mormon America because its multifaceted look at the LDS church will force you to reflect deeply on some of the most enduring puzzles of religion, such as:How can intelligent people adhere to a faith that so [...]

9Nov2007 | Andrea Useem | 16 comments | Continued
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