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Does Polygamy Have a Legal Future in the U.S.?

Having written previously about polyamory (maintaining multiple romantic relationships) and polygamy (well, really, polygyny — having more than one wife at at time,) I have been intensely interested in the on-going case in Texas, in which more than 400 children of polygamists were put into temporary state custody following allegations of physical and sexual abuse [...]

11May2008 | Andrea Useem | 6 comments | Continued

Polyamory’s Faith and Family Values

Have you ever heard of polyamory? ReligionWriter hadn’t until this summer, when a friend became involved with a man who insisted up front that he was simply not monogamous, and that any relationship they had would be based on the principle of multiple love relationships, openly pursued. Indeed, this man seemed very committed to the [...]

29Oct2007 | Andrea Useem | 3 comments | Continued
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