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The Compassion Forum: Highlights and Lowlights

Just finished watching “The Compassion Forum” — an intimate evening with the two Democratic presidential candidates, hosted by Messiah College in Grantham, PA, and Faith in Public Life, a progressive Washington D.C.-based organization. Overall, it was a little dull — after all, how much new ground can be covered after the endless months of campaigning? […]

13Apr2008 | Andrea Useem | 5 comments | Continued

“Osama Bin-Who?” Native Deen, and Why American Muslims Shouldn’t Play the Victim

When ReligionWriter first heard that the American Muslim hip-hop group Native Deen had a new album out this winter, she wanted to buy it right away. Native Deen’s earlier album, The Deen You Know, was played more-or-less non-stop in RW’s car for months, at the request of her young sons, who loved to rock out […]

14Jan2008 | Andrea Useem | 16 comments | Continued
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